Testing OXYL-PRO Levels

For simplicity, the Oxyl-Pro Test Strips are a quick and easy way to measure the product.

Test strips are supplied in tubs of 100 strips, measuring 0 – 100 ppm as H2O2

For a more accurate measure of Oxyl-Pro or for measuring above 100 ppm, we offer a test kit which measures 50 – 2500 ppm as H2O2



The eSet Dosing Station

The ideal solution for Oxyl-Pro dosing
Flow rate: from 1 to 30 L/H
Maximum pressure: up to 20 bar
Power supply range: 100 250 Vac – 50/60 Hz
Stroke rate: from 180 to 300 impulses/min
Pump Head: PVDF/TFE-P, Ceramic Ball Valves
Diaphragm: PTFE
Air bleed: Manual / auto bleed
External casing: Reinforced PP and chemical resistant
Installation kit: Included

The eSet is a complete dosing station featuring either a DLX or eOne dosing pump, a bespoke bund and tank, set up for easy installation as a part of a dosing system (including installation of tubing, Foot Filter and Injection Valve, and wiring).

The space efficient modular design is suitable for the upgrading of an existing system, simple installation of a new system or temporary usage. As a self-contained unit the eSet is designed to be as easy as possible to install.  This system is a simple, neat option for Oxyl-Pro dosing, along with many other applications.

Each eSet Dosing Station is pre-wired to Section 702 of BS7671 2008 17th Edition IET regulations. They can also be supplied with a mixer, float switch or suction lance installed allowing for customization to suit a wide variety of dosing systems.

The eOne Dosing Pumps are the next generation of chemical dosing, featuring high stroke rates, low energy consumption, accuracy, repeatability and flow rate variation control in relation to pressure changes. With a choice of control features including manual (with dual scale adjustment) or multifunction (water meter input, 4-20mA input, integral pH, Rx or Cl controller). The eOne also features TFE/P (Aflas®) seals to ensure compatibility with a broad range of chemicals and applications.