NSF/ANSI 60 CERTIFICATION – Drinking Water – Health Effects

In March 2017, OXYL-PRO gained NSF/ANSI 60 CERTIFICATION (Drinking water – health effects).  Our Certificate can be found by clicking here.  All our Certified products will bear the NSF mark on the label and SDS.  Only companies/products that are officially listed on the NSF website are entitled to use this mark.

European Union


Oxyl-Pro has been submitted to ECHA for authorisation under the BPR for the following product types:

  • PT01 – Human Hygiene
  • PT02 – Disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals
  • PT03 – Veterinary Hygiene
  • PT04 – Food and Feed area
  • PT05 – Drinking water
  • PT06 – Preservatives for products during storage

United Kingdom

DEFRA Approved Disinfectant

Oxyl-Pro Pollo has been approved by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as suitable for Foot and Mouth disease orders, and General orders.
Full details can be found on the DEFRA register here.

Food Standards Agency – EN 1276

Oxyl-Pro has been tested to BS EN 1276 as required by the Food Standards Agency for use in food preparation areas.

Note on DWI List of Approved Chemicals

As from 1st October 2015 DWI in the UK no longer list new products for use in Section A4: Disinfestation, Disinfection or Cleaning Agents of Waterworks Apparatus and Distribution Systems.   When the products listed expire, they will not be renewed.  However, the silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide products currently on the List state that the product  must be flushed from the system so that the silver content in the final flush water is below 1 µg/l.

Oxyl-Pro does not have this restriction.



Oxyl-Pro Clean is included in the List of Approved Chemical Products for Drinking Water Treatment.

OXYL-PRO has proven efficacy against the following

Organism EN Test Standard
Bacillus Subtilus 13704
Campylobacter 1276:2009
Candida Albicans 1275 and 1650
E-Coli 1040, 1276 and 1499
Enterococcus Hirae 1040 and 1276
Foot & Mouth Disease 17025:2005
Lactococcus Lactis 13610:2002
Legionella 13623:2010
Listeria 13697:2015
Mycobacterium Terrae 14348
Polio 14476:2007-02
Pseudomonas 1040 and 1276
Salmonella 1276
Staphylococcus 1040 and 1276

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