There is often confusion around product approvals for water disinfection. This blogs sets out the approvals criteria for mains water disinfection and buildings disinfection. Biocides on the market in GB and Europe must comply with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) in the first instance.

Disinfectants used in mains water (up to the curtilage of the building) must not only comply with the GB BPR but also Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) under Regulation 31.


Disinfection inside buildings is covered by GB BPR. Once the water has passed into the building, water quality becomes the responsibility of the building owner who is required to provide wholesome water throughout the property at all times.

DWI approval does not apply inside buildings.

Where disinfection of tanks/pipework is required, it is important to distinguish whether this will be carried out online or offline.

· For online disinfection, the product used must be approved under Product Type (PT) 5 specifically for “drinking water for human consumption”

· For offline disinfection, the product used must be approved under PT 4 for cleaning pipework in food and feed areas.

· Disinfectants used on a continuous basis must be approved for use in PT5 for “drinking water for human consumption”

Manufacturers/suppliers must provide an up to date Safety Data Sheet and method of use. Personnel need to be trained in the use of chemicals and their applications.

Oxyl-Pro is particularly suited to offline disinfection for cleaning pipework and keeping water in the building wholesome.

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Oxyl-Pro is a uniquely formulated, multipurpose disinfectant that eliminates bacteria and removes biofilm.

It is an effective water treatment as well as an all-purpose disinfectant.

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