Introducing the OXYL-PRO family of products

Oxyl-Pro is based on food safe ingredients using a unique encapsulation method which reduces chemical wastage and improves product efficiency.  It contains no silver or other heavy metals.  The products can be used for all types of disinfection in water, air and surface applications.  Oxyl-Pro is effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi.  Test results are available on request.

Oxyl-Pro products leave no taste, taint or odour in the water system.  It has an excellent environmental profile; its degradation products are oxygen and water.  The products operate within temperatures of 0-90 oC and a pH range between 2 – 9, making Oxyl-Pro  far superior to many biocides including chlorine.

Over the past 6 years, we have developed and expanded the product line and we are now pleased to introduce the following