OXYL-PRO De-slime

Product-process aid for fish processing

The de-sliming of fish is a crucial step in processing. By de-sliming fish, an important source of bacteria is taken away and the processing is simplified.  De-sliming is therefore the secret of optimal fish processing.

By nature, fish have a high bacterial and enzymatic load and unless this is treated at the earliest opportunity, the shelf life of the fish is very short.

Oxyl-Pro De-slime is a special formulation which is designed to carefully soak off the slime layer without compromising the quality of the fish.  Oxyl-Pro De-slime removes the harmful bacteria whilst the colour, aroma and taste of the fish is maintained. The meat of the fish does not come in contact with hard objects such as those used in mechanical de-sliming, leading to fish of a higher economic value.

The hygiene conditions in the production area are significantly improved when Oxyl-Pro De-slime is employed.


  • Careful removal of the slime layer; no damage to fish
  • No smearing in the process plant
  • The meat of the fish remains intact
  • Prevents listeria bacteria
  • Only food grade ingredients; no effect on food safety

Traditional disinfectants have been extensively used in the past.  However they often affect the end product due to smell or product deterioration.

Oxyl-Pro De-slime is different – it uses only food safe ingredients in the formulation and imparts no taste, smell or odour.  It simply degrades to oxygen and water.

Field tests show that Oxyl-Pro De-slime can extend the shelf-life of fish by up to 4 days.

When used in conjunction with Oxyl-Pro Clean for disinfection of equipment, tables, conveyor belts etc., the whole process is completely and safely protected.

Oxyl-Pro De-slime is allowed as a product-process aid according to Directive No. 95/2/EC