OXYL-PRO Descaler & Sanitiser

OXYL-PRO Descaler & Sanitiser is an highly effective descaling agent, backed up with the sanitising effect of the Oxyl-Pro range. It is a product with many applications across a broad range of industries.

The product is an all in one formulation, allowing the the user to perform descaling and sanitising in a single treatment. It effectively removes scale and everyday deposits whilst killing bacteria including Legionella. Used at the recommended levels, the product is non-corrosive.
As with the Oxyl-Pro standard formulation this blend contains only food grade raw materials, using aseptic grade hydrogen peroxide and food safe stabilising carriers. The descaling additive used in this formulation is also food grade.

We have generic method statements available for using this product as a showerhead disinfectant. It is also very effective for use as a beer line cleaner.

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