Oxyl-Pro Pollo is a DEFRA approved disinfectant for use against Foot and Mouth disease. Specially developed as a technical aid for use in the poultry industry to assist in conditioning drinking water.  The product contains food grade, low concentration hydrogen peroxide and a mix of food safe stabilising carriers and activators. The by-products are oxygen and water, giving the product an excellent environmental profile.  It is a single-drum treatment which can be dosed directly from the drum or from a dosing tank.


  • Has a mild and long-lasting effect
  • Contains only food grade ingredients; classified as non-hazardous
  • Assists in keeping water clean and safe for the birds to drink
  • Birds spend their time growing rather than wasting energy fighting off infection from contaminated water supply
  • Higher yield; birds are stronger.  Improved FCR
  • Has no smell, colour or taste at the recommended dose rates
  • Operates in temperatures: 0 – 90oC and pH range 2-9
  • 99.999% effective against campylobacter. EN 1276:2009 (phase 2, step 1)


Field tests in hatcheries show an increase in egg production & hatching and in broiler houses decreased mortality rates & improved FCR.  Details available on request.

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This product is NSF/ANSI 60 Drinking Water Certified (National Sanitation Foundation)