OXYL-PRO Rindoff

Technical aid for cleaning of cheese

In cheese processing, it is of vital importance that the coating of the cheese is removed to take away bacterial sources.

Traditionally this takes weeks soaking the cheese in hot water then sprayed clean with warm water.  This process uses significant amounts of water with high energy costs.  Furthermore the cheese surface is roughened unnecessarily, allowing fat and protein parts to end up in the waste water.  Combined with the soaking water temperature, this creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

Oxyl-Pro Rindoff has been developed to gently react with the layer between the rind and the cheese to safely and fully remove the rind.  This process takes only 20 minutes of soaking after which the rind can be removed from the cheese.  The cheese surface is not affected by Oxyl-Pro Rindoff and offers a better quality of product than achieved with traditional methods.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy removal of coating layer
  • Cheese surface is of better quality than traditional methods
  • Saves water and energy costs
  • Prevents against contamination

Please contact us for further details.  This product is widely used in Europe.