What is Oxyl-Pro?

In a nutshell – it is a disinfectant and decontamination agent based on aseptic grade hydrogen peroxide which is stabilised using only food safe ingredients. Combined, this creates a powerful, all purpose broad spectrum product with an excellent ecological profile; it degrades to oxygen and water.  This makes OXYL-PRO one of the safest disinfectants and decontamination agents on the market.  It truly is a versatile product which has many applications.

OXYL-PRO is the resultant product of many years of research and development to provide the market with an alternative to silver peroxides.  OXYL-PRO’s secret is in its encapsulation process, allowing a very controlled method of release, leading to minimal wastage of the product.  It does not contain any silver or other heavy metals – just food safe ingredients. Due to its unique and complex formulation, OXYL-PRO is very stable and fast acting, resulting in quick destruction of micro-organisms and biofilms. Unlike silver peroxides, OXYL-PRO is unaffected by high chloride levels.  It will not leave any grey marks on surfaces.


The product has proven efficacy against bacteria, including Legionella & Pseudomonas, viruses, moulds, yeasts & fungi.   Test results are available on request.

OXYL-PRO can be used as a fast or slow disinfection.  If time permits, the slow disinfection route can result in significant cost savings for the user. The product can be used on a continuous basis in water systems at low dose rates to control biofilm.  Only a small residual is required at the outlets.