Water treatment is essential for maintaining water systems, including pipework and tanks.

Water systems can be a source of bacterial growth, and some of these bacteria are hazardous to health, including:

  • Legionella
  • Pseudomonas
  • Listeria

Effective water treatment to kill bacteria and remove and prevent biofilm keeps water systems safe, protecting the health of humans and livestock.

The Importance of Water Treatment

Water systems can act as transportation systems for bacteria, through the build-up of biofilm.

Biofilm is a deposit made up of single-cell bacteria, algae and fungi. It sticks to surfaces and forms a matrix of cellular materials.

Bacteria and other free-floating organisms make contact with surfaces, where they attach themselves. Once attached, these bacteria and organisms start to grow.

They divide, forming dense structures of multiple thicknesses. The thicknesses of biofilms can vary, but slow-flowing water encourages deeper formations.

Once the cells in biofilm mature, they create complex, three-dimensional structures that criss-cross water channels, exchanging waste products and nutrients.

After reaching this mature stage, cells break away from the matrix, finding new surfaces to stick to, and forming colonies of their own.

As the cells spread in this way, they attract viruses and lifeforms, such as insect larvae, increasing the risk of widespread contamination of water systems.

You will find biofilm in pipework and water tanks, and it is the main reason water treatment is so important.

Where Can You Use Oxyl-Pro Water Treatment?

You can apply Oxyl-Pro to pipework, water tanks and other water systems.

Use it for water treatment services in commercial and industrial buildings, in residential premises, in agricultural and horticultural feed, and water distribution systems. Breweries, wineries, and aquaculture systems can also benefit from water treatment for biofilm.

Oxyl-Pro uses hydrogen peroxide, which is stabilised using only food-safe ingredients.

This makes it both safe and highly effective when you use it in water systems.

How to Use Oxyl-Pro

With their slimy coatings, biofilms are resistant to various forms of water treatment and can easily generate new colonies of bacteria.

But if you apply Oxyl-Pro to water distribution systems in the recommended dilution, it will break down biofilm and remove it from water systems and pipework.

Oxyl-Pro is fully effective in the 2 to 10 pH range, and at temperatures up to 90°C. Chlorination treatments cannot do this.

You should apply Oxyl-Pro regularly as part of a systematic approach to water treatment.

Biofilm is a persistent threat, and only frequent water treatment with proven effectiveness will ensure that it cannot re-grow and colonise water systems.

Features and Certifications

  • Oxyl-Pro is stabilised using only food-safe ingredients
  • HSE accepts it as an alternative means of L8 disinfection
  • It contains no taste, flavour or odour at recommended rates of use
  • It’s suitable for treating domestic and grey water systems, including wastewater.

Water treatment using Oxyl-Pro will ensure you have clean pipework and systems to deliver clean water.


What separates OXYL-PRO Clean from other disinfectants is in the unique formulation. It contains all food-safe ingredients. Only aseptic grade hydrogen peroxide is used as the base product and food safe stabilisers are used to create an encapsulated molecule. These molecules only activate and open on contact with specific biological markers, which leads to the hydrogen peroxide only being released when and where necessary. Very little wastage is encountered when compared to standard hydrogen peroxide.






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