Food Safe Disinfectant for
the Food & Beverage Industry

Choosing the right food safe disinfectant is vital for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Bacteria and viruses can cause food poisoning and other illnesses, presenting risks to consumers, customers, employees and business reputations.

Food and beverage businesses must comply with food safety regulations and they must protect consumers from the risks of serious illness from contaminated food.

Contamination from infected food preparation areas can involve the following pathogens:

  • Salmonella
  • E-coli
  • Campylobacter
  • Norovirus

There are around 2.4 million cases of foodborne illness in the UK every year.

Along with the health implications, outbreaks of food poisoning can be devastating to food and beverage businesses, causing lasting reputational damage.

Maintaining good hygiene practices helps reduce the risk of contamination, but also reassures customers that they are visiting a safe, hygienic environment.

Cleaning and disinfecting food preparation surfaces is a fundamental aspect of maintaining these practices.

    What is a Food Safe Disinfectant?

    Cleaners and disinfectants that contain harsh chemicals are not the best options for constant application in environments where people are preparing or consuming food and beverages.

    They can be hazardous in non-diluted form, and certain chemicals are dangerous if they interact with other cleaning substances.

    For example, if you combine bleach with ammonia, it can cause chlorine gas, which can damage the lungs and nasal passages if you breathe it in.

    A food safe disinfectant is non-toxic and non-harmful. If it has any contact with food, it will not affect it or be harmful when consumed.

    Is Oxyl-Pro a Food Safe Disinfectant?

    Oxyl-Pro is a multipurpose disinfectant. It uses hydrogen peroxide, stabilised using only food-safe ingredients, rather than silver or heavy metals.

    This stabilisation process creates a disinfectant and sanitiser that is odourless, flavourless and colourless.

    Oxyl-Pro contains a blend of food safe ingredients, with only oxygen and water as by-products. It is free from alcohol, chlorine, quats and benzalkonium.

    It is safe to apply to food preparation areas, surfaces and equipment, with no risk of damaging people’s health.

    It meets EN 1276 standards for food preparation areas, and will kill 99.999 per cent of bacteria.

    How to Use Oxyl-Pro

    There are various ways of applying Oxyl-Pro as a disinfectant in food preparation areas.

    These include:

    • Spraying
    • Wiping
    • Fogging
    • Misting

    As part of a routine cleaning procedure, we recommend you spray as you go with Oxyl-Pro, cleaning spillages as they happen then disinfecting the relevant area.

    Periodically, you will need to clean throughout food preparation areas, and this is where you can use a fogging or misting application for disinfection.

    Clean and disinfect all equipment and surfaces connected to food preparation, and be sure to apply additional disinfectant to anything that comes into direct contact with raw food.

    What the Law Says About Food Safety

    The two key pieces of legislation covering food safety are:

    The Food Standards Act 1999, and

    The Food Safety Act 1990.

    The Food Standards Act established the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

    The FSA’s main role is to protect public health and the wider interests of consumers concerning food.

    The Food Safety Act is the basis for regulations governing food in England and Wales. It lays out certain responsibilities for businesses in the food and beverage industry:

    • They must not add or remove anything in food that would damage the health of people eating it
    • They must not treat food in ways that would damage the health of people eating it
    • They must sell or serve food that is of a quality the public would expect
    • They must not label or advertise food in misleading ways.

    As a food and beverage industry business, you must therefore comply with the relevant food safety regulations. If you do not, you may face significant fines, or even face prosecution.

    Regular and diligent disinfecting can help you comply with those rules.

    Features and Certifications

    • Oxyl-Pro is stabilised using only food-safe ingredients
    • It kills 99.999 per cent of bacteria, and is tested to BS EN 1276 for use with food and beverages
    • It is a no-rinse disinfectant with a broad spectrum, and remains effective long after drying
    • It contains no taste, flavour or odour at recommended rates of use
    • It will eliminate salmonella, listeria and e-coli.

    Oxyl-Pro a food safe disinfectant for use on work surfaces, chopping boards, kitchen knives and other utensils and throughout food preparation areas.

    OXYL-PRO Clean

    What separates OXYL-PRO Clean from other disinfectants is in the unique formulation. It contains all food-safe ingredients. Hydrogen peroxide is used as the base product and food safe stabilisers are used to create an encapsulated molecule. These molecules only activate and open on contact with specific biological markers, which leads to the hydrogen peroxide only being released when and where necessary. Very little wastage is encountered when compared to standard hydrogen peroxide.






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